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I’m Maria

Growing up in my hometown, Düsseldorf, and staying there for ever was never an option for me. At 19 I moved to Stuttgart for my studies of renewable ressources and Bioenergy. I started a new life but came to realise pretty quickly that, just like me, my friends are people who can’t stay in one place for long. So pretty soon i realised that if I want to keep contact to my new friends I will have to go around some places in this world. OH NOOOO. Now I spend so much time abroad that people from my hometown ask me . „Maria! where exactly fo you live?!“ and to be honest. I dont think I have found that one place yet. So I guess I will keep looking for a while… Do you want to come along? 🙂

My Life

Primary School

While rowing up in Düsseldorf, I attended a british private school. Starting my educationl journey bilingual

following up I attended german highschool, during which I participated in an exchange to the UK for one term.

Leaving my Hometown and moving to stuttgart, was one of the biggest steps yet. Currently i am enrolled in renewable ressources and bioenergy.

Soon I will start the adventure of moving to Melbourne, Australia and continuing my studies there.



Private Info

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